Saturday, October 01, 2016

Let It Go

Yes, we watched Frozen last night.

Also, it's just passed my sixth aneurversary, which always makes me a little contemplative about my old life ending and my new beginning. Holding on to who I once was is counter productive to who I've become and the evolution I have the opportunity to continue.

It's also almost Bulky Item Pick-up week. In my twenties -- when I first moved to Maine -- the sidewalks of Portland were layered with a treasure trove of detritus. I pretty much furnished my apartment that week. The coffee table's still in the basement. The "blue cube" I grabbed as a TV stand is now one of Gus' toy bins.

Large Item Pick-up was giddy with, "What are we gonna find!?" If there's a better metaphor for the accumulation of physical and emotional baggage over the first half of your life, I don't know what it is.

Now -- post semicolon -- it's all about shedding the weight of those barnacles. The excitement has become, "What can we get rid of!?" It's liberating to see what we don't need anymore. 

And so much lighter.