Thursday, October 14, 2010

help in decorating

Wow, it seems that Ken MAY be discharged tomorrow. Maybe, maybe, maybe. He got the NG-tube removed so his nose is back, though a bit swollen. Anyway, onto the real resaon for my impromptu blogging, as I have previously stated we are going to be decorating his rehab room. Anybody want to send some artwork, photos (both personal and pretty. I am thinking inspiring landscapes.) etc.? If you'd like to our address is: 24 Valley Rd. Cumberland, Maine 04021. Since many of you live far away I wanted to give you the option of sending stuff. Those of you that live nearby, I expect will visit and bring the pretty. I"m hoping they'll accept visitors right away.

We are having a meeting with the doctors today. Mostly for me, I want to make sure I am leaving here with as much information about what happened as possible. He's doing so well. I am very grateful. But it is extremely hard to see him being moved, hard to see his left side so lifeless, hard to know just how much he's going to have to work to get his life back. I worry about the emotional toll. One of the question I have for the neuro team is what specifically was damaged. I can see physically what has happened, but what about his emotional centers. It's all a big mystery. He is sleeping in anticipation of the meeting so he can be bright eyed and bushy tailed.

Be well everyone! And, again Amy Kimball, thank you for the book. It's been great. They shared the same surgeon. Wow.


  1. omg!!! Ken, this is such great news! I am so, so glad that this phase is behind you. I know the next leg of the journey will be uphill but hooray, HOORAY, you'll be in MAINE! I will send you a gigantic picture of P!NK for your rehab room. Sending so much love. EFS

  2. I'm on it! And so exciting that Ken will be out so soon! I can't wait to visit with you guys. ♥♥♥

  3. Okay, so do you all remember Ken writing this?...

    "A few months ago, before my diagnosis, I had a waking dream, on the cusp of slumber. I was in a cave, and a woman (a shaman of some kind), was showing me around. This was her home. One entire sloped wall had been carved into a set of stone shelves. Those shelves were filled with small glass bottles.And each bottle was filled with a clear liquid. I asked what they were. She told me that the bottles were filled with her tears, from particularly difficult times in her life. I've since done some research and discovered that tear bottles and Lachrymatory have had historic and cultural significance for thousands of years. But I was not consciously aware of any of that history when I had my "vision" (perhaps my aneurysm was). And for me, the message was about building strength through memories of adversity, honoring and appreciating obstacles, not mourning. So I'm counting it as my idea."

    Seems like something of significance... seems like something we should all investigate a bit. Seems like tear bottles should fit somewhere in the decorating scheme of things. What say you?

    And Kenneth, you forgot "SAFFRON THREAT" as a possible band name.


  4. J & K,

    Read what Cariad wrote re: Music Therapy in the "SHANA PUNIM" comments.

    MT is AMAZING. And it works. And, duh, I forgot I work with Dr. Suzanne Hanser, Musical Therapist extraordinairre (sp?) at Berklee. She IS the bomb and all-time knower of all things Music Therapy. I will talk to her tomorrow.

    Moi (Sil) Jen

  5. I am so happy to hear that Ken is doing so well. Where is the rehab center, by the way? I can't wait to see you both.
    ♥, Jill

  6. Hey Jamie and Ken,
    If you don't mind me making a reccomendation... make sure to also get as much information from the OT at the new rehab place when you arrive. Look into and be a part of the OT process so you can see the gains, no matter if they are small some days. The OT should be asking Ken about his desires, and goals as part of a person centered approach. The OT's goals should be nothing other than Ken's goals for his future desired activities. We love you guys a ton and cannot wait to see Ken when he is able. Much love and healing. -Shane

  7. Come on Home Ken, we'd love to see you back in the State close by where we can visit everyday.

    Ed D.

  8. Okay, so I'm feeling the Candice Olsen in me taking over...I will start looking for 'appropriate' decor items happy, happy, happy about this development!

  9. Let me join the chorus of "hurrays!" I hope they do decide you're ready, Ken; and I hope you feel ready too! We'd be delighted to welcome you back to the state of Maine ("the way live should be!") and will be happy to decorate with whatever you'd most like to see more of in your new surroundings.

    Jamie, I'm glad the book was worth your time. I'm amazed they had the same surgeon; that's pretty cool! We'd be delighted to welcome YOU back to the state to stay too, you hard-striving, huge-loving, road-weary woman, you! See you both soon! much love, Amy K.

  10. whoops, I misspelled the state motto, it's SUPPOSED to read "the way LIFE should be" not live . . . and I DID edit . . . just in too much of a hurry to post my happiness . . . (I'm guessing if I ever have a blog it'll have to be called ellipsis.)
    Amy K.

  11. Swimming in YAY!

  12. and another "huzzah!" for the coming home and the doing well. I'm grateful for the whole family for this progression, and will now scurry around for the appropriate decor...

  13. I'm thrilled that you will soon be heading back to Maine, Ken! Let Jamie know when you're ready for me to visit, and I'll be there.
    Miss you,

  14. J-just talked with Dr. Suzanne Hanser (Music Therapist Extraordinairre). Anyway, she's on it--calling/emailing. There is a specialized field called Neurologist Music Therapy. She's hoping to find someone in the N.E. area and send them your way. Or, have them at least consult with the PTs at NE Rehab. Let's cross our fingers. I'm also calling Dr. Jill of Stroke of Insight. By land or by sea, I will drag her ass to Ken's room and she will help. Somehow.


  15. Incredible news! Scott and I will definitely be over!

  16. J & ALL,

    Here's a link to Dr. Jill's list of "40 things we ALL need to remember" when dealing with someone who has had a stroke... very good stuff.