Friday, October 01, 2010

another day. it's realy only been3?

Today was stable. No change. Still with the brisk thumbs upping. The echo on his heart showed some damage, but nothing they will have do anything about now. He looks horrible. Tubes and wires everywhere. He's got a tube down his NG tube to feed him. He's still intubated (sp). They shaved his beard, that's really been the worst of it for me.

Thank you all for the love. I am telling Ken all about it. I do feel it. And it means the world.


  1. Hi Jamie. I just learned about this blog here. I guess there's a down side to not having imbibed the kool-aid. Though I have been out of the loop, you and Ken have not been out of my thoughts this week. So much love and hugs to you both.


  2. Oh no! Not the beard!?! Now that IS horrible! Hang in there Jamie Girl! Hope you're taking care of yourself too. We're thinking of you all.....

    -Nancy, Julie & the girls

  3. That's what we're looking for drama, slow and steady progress :) We'll keep the love coming...just promise to let us know if you need ANYTHING at all.♥

  4. You just keep feeling it, and you just keep telling him about it. We'll take care of the rest.


  5. We're sending love and praying for you and Ken, James. My heart breaks. Tell Ken my little Zoe asked about Wyatt. I think she was feeling something as they climbed the apple tree together on Saturday morning. Wyatt is a handsome boy. Takes after his dad.

  6. Thank you, Jamie, for sharing what's going on, through you must be exhausted and wrenched and raw. I'm glad Ken has the best of the best there in Boston, but I wish we could all be 5 minutes away for you . . .

    I wish you a few dreamless, restful hours and, somehow, moments of peace in your soul.


  7. Jamie,
    Thank you for posting information. Everyone is thinking about you and Ken through out the day. Both you and Ken are real troopers and I know that the road ahead will be filled with progress, love and caring. May the gentle night bring you peace and rest, with better news in the morning.

  8. Jamie,
    We've never met, I work with Ken. Words cannot express how much he has touched our lives...He is truly special, but you know that. Thank you for keeping the blog going. Your family is in my thoughts and my heart.

  9. It's incredible that it's only been 3 days of this - and 3 months since diagnosis. Jams, you're doing so great even as you are so scared. We are a veritable force field of love surrounding you all. And Ken, one million thumbs and paws up back at you. I am glad that you are resting and healing and taking care. This weekend I'm climbing a mountain here in New York State and I'm thinking of you guys and your annual treks up Bradbury. I have a framed picture of Anniversary Year 2 on my desk at work where Wyatt is nearly a year and bald as a ping pong ball. And you all look sparkly and happy (except Wyatt, who has that dubious look he gets when he's doing something he hasn't made up his mind about). In fact - you look BRISK!

    When I used to volunteer at the Center for Grieving Children I'd round the corner into the Littles room and there was a quote tucked into one of the eaves, all dog-eared, and I'll leave you with it tonight. It's kept me going in the darkest of nights: "courage does not always roar. Sometimes courage is the quiet voice at the end of the day, saying, 'I will try again tomorrow.'"

    So much love, EFS.