Thursday, October 07, 2010

last post didn't publish

So, sorry. The actual blog I had written didn't get published. Here's the short version:

He MOVED HIS LEFT LEG! YAY. Several times and with real determination.

He's just waiting for any open bed, then he'll be moved to the general neuro floor.

Dr. Hirschberg, head of physical medicine, said that while Ken has a hard 3-6 months ahead of him, he should make a good recovery.

He's talking and opening his eyes more.

The other post that did not get published was a lot better than this one. It really was. But you get the gist. All good.


  1. ALL good! That's GREAT news, Jamie, and plenty eloquent to my eyes!
    xo Amy K.

    P.S. Yes, I check every few minutes to see if there's anything new, what of it?!

  2. YAH!! What excellent news! I have been praying for you all and checking this every chance I get. I am so excited to hear positive news!!!

    Johanna S.

  3. Yes! So many things to be grateful for...we didn't need the text to know that! I am just so, so happy for you guys...and for all of us who love you.
    And I'm with you, Amy! I know I was already a facebook addict, but his past week and a half I've been on even more than usual, just waiting and hoping for Ken updates!
    Love, love, love ♥

  4. I read part of your blog to my husband tonight. We are so happy that Ken is feeling and doing better. We are sending warmth and love and strength. XX Liza Cooper

  5. WOW! Now, that is truly amazing news! What a difference a few days make--from briskly thumbs upping to marriage proposals to "should make a good recovery". Here's to Ken! And here's to you!
    -Nancy B.

  6. Man, that is good to hear! But I'm commenting for another reason too: people who aren't keeping track via Facebook might not know that I'm preparing a book for Ken. I started posting "where I was when I was thinking of Ken" pictures on his wall, and encouraging others to do the same AND to email me their pictures, full size, so I can collect them all and print them in a book to give to him. A collective get well card of sorts. So he can see a map with lots of little red dots showing him where all the good thoughts were coming from. There are already some really good ones, but I'd love to have photos from everyone. Yup, even those of you who just happened onto this blog and care about Ken and his family without knowing them personally (talking to, you Iva!). (KATHERINE) Just write a short caption: your name (if Ken won't know who you are, tell me how you connected), the place (including the city, please) (@)and date of the photo, with, if you want, a brief explanation of the moment or thought. (MAKEPOPUPCARDS.COM). My email is embedded into this comment, just string whatever is bold and in parentheses and all caps together. Thank you! I'll notify all the contributors when it's done.

  7. KEN! If this were one of our favorite teenage dance movie about teenagers overcoming racism and ageism through the power of dance, you would be the star crunker of the troupe. (Even I don't know what I just wrote, and I can usually follow myself. That's how elated I am.) Do you need some movie recommendations while you're en 'ospital? I've been saving up the best and weirdest documentaries for you. I just re-watched one about catfish and Oklahoma that I think you're really going to like, or at least be enthralled by. It's no Cougartown, though.
    When can people come visit, you guys?
    Love, love, love, all around,
    EFS (Elisabeth S.)

  8. Great news-

    Ken-here is a link to my flickr stream over the last couple years in case you want to look at some pics sometime:
    people making pizza in the pizza oven I built in my yard; small cars I saw and liked in Italy; food wife and sights in Italy; various; annual thanksgiving turkey fry;mushroom hunting hobby, sea creatures at the new aquarium, me doing something stupid that ended with 8 stitches in my arm, my office, vegetables I've grown; more mushtrooms; pig butchery class I took;trip to Oregon, work trip to Malaysia; our cats, Jessica in a road race; another trip to Malaysia; our remodel finally finished. Be well, I know I didn't use semi-colons correctly, but I thought you would like them anyway.
    -chuck mccall

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