Saturday, October 09, 2010

tubes, tubes and more tubes

They put him on the amantidine and it seemed to make him more alert. They are thinking about putting in a feeding tube into his belly (called G-tube) but are hoping that if the stimulant works it may help him with the swallowing and talking, which he's having trouble with. They are also hoping because they don't want to do another surgery (though this one is very "minor") because they are not precisely sure about damage to his heart. They don't think it's serious, but they aren't taking any chances. You betcha! NO MORE CHANCES! I concur. The G-tube is better for actually getting him nutrition, what he has now is a tube in through his nose (NG-tube) and that's used for about 2 weeks at most. Either way he's going to have lost weight. My sister was on a G-tube for a month and a half and she was skeletal when she was able to come off.

I just talked to Ken on the phone. I miss him so much. His voice is definitely clearer, but still sounds a bit like he's talking while chewing. His Aunt Ellen and Cousin Maggie, two fantastic women are there this weekend. They brought a foose (sp?) ball and were playing catch with him. His father reports that K moved his foot. Just once, but once is better than yesterday's none.

Another good day.


  1. "Talked to him on the phone," what a beautiful thing to read. And moving his foot and more alert, that's all such good news! My heart is bursting with gratitude and a smile breaks out of its own accord. Thanks, Ken, again, for keeping your word. Thanks, Jamie, and all of Ken's family, for inspiring him and doing the physical work. You're all amazing to bear witness to.

  2. Not sure who left the previous comment, but I's just wonderful and amazing to read that you talked to Ken on the phone. It's impossible not to smile and shed tears when reading these updates of happy news.
    I made some muffins this weekend that I think are definitely brunch-worthy...pumpkin with cream cheese filling and streusel topping. I'm planning to make them next time we all get together for brunch at your house :)
    I can imagine, Ken, how hard you're speak, to open your eyes, to move that foot...we're all visualizing along with you, sending you love and energy all the time.
    Love you guys...♥

  3. Again, Jamie, thank you for all the updates. We in Portland are hanging on edge awaiting each one. It is so good to hear of the improvements. Keep up the good work, Ken. We are all routing for you and sending you positive energy. We are all anxious for you to be home.
    Sharon D.

  4. It is so wonderful to read the updates on Ken's progress! Thank you, Jamie, for posting them. Tell Ken that I'm thinking of him and praying for him and you and your family. It's been over 20 yrs since highschool, but I remember Ken as a great guy!
    Keep on improving!