Saturday, October 16, 2010

From rehab

Ken is here. He's in real clothes, and aside from the stove in quality of his skull free head and Frankensteinian scar he's looking sweet. He's got a pretty flat affect, meaning his face shows little emotion, but his voice, though slow is lively-ish. More later.


  1. Hurray! Let us know when we can come and see our boy! JC

  2. It’s been hard not being with Ken for the few days since we had to go home, and we can’t wait to see him in real clothes once we get up there Monday after 2 weeks of seeing him in hospital gowns. But there’s no stove-in head that we’ve seen. This was brain surgery, after all. Major, major brain surgery. And, when his Mass General nurse hung a sign over his bed warning that part of his head was vulnerable because a section of skull had been removed temporarily, she said, “Because his skull looks so normal, we need to post this warning.” Yes, Ken’s head bears scars, but they’re his signs of healing and progress.
    Michael and Sara, Ken’s mother and father