Sunday, October 17, 2010

First visit with the boys

So, I did all the things a good (albeit rusty) social worker would do. Gave them a very accurate report of what Dada would look like. Drew pictures, described everything in detail (except for the catheter, I didn't go into full detail about that). They were very prepared and it was good. It was a good first visit. We arrived to find Maddie and Jen (friends from work) visiting (yummy banana bread btw). The boys both got some snuggle time with Dada and talked. They played with a small magnadoodle. We decorated his helmet with some stars, small pom poms and glitter bug stickers, tres butch. I think we left him tired, but good. Wyatt and Gus were fine. Wyatt told me his scar wasn't "sooo bad". I talked to them in fight language. That Dada had fought hard and won against the aneurysm, but he was wounded and healing. And that he was still fighting the stroke. They seemed to get it, or Wyatt did. Gus was busy with the pterodactyl.

Melissa and Scott from K's work came by to offer help with the house. Thank you! Everyone has been so nice. As K's parents, K and I figure out a good schedule, I'll be able to understand what to do with all you lovely people and your lovely offers. Just know it means so so so so so so much to have you all to lean on.


  1. So glad the visit went well for all of you. Ken, I loved hearing your voice tonight. You sound like the old Ken. When Emily got off the phone and I asked how you sounded, she said : He sound like Uncle Kenny." Love you!

  2. Great things to read!

    Yup, just tell us what you need, Jamie. :)

    Ken, looking forward to coming to see you!

    Amy K

  3. Can't wait to see you, Ken. Miss you so much, my friend. Love you and will see you soon.


  4. Okay, I need a photo of that new helmet. It sounds trippy.

    Jamie, glad to finally meet you today. The person who has held it all together through the storm and been Ken's strength.

    See you both soon. JC

  5. I'm so glad I am reading about Ken coming back to his wonderful self. Sending love for strength and healing. Love, Liza Cooper

  6. Jamie - you rock. So glad to hear it all and love love love what you did to the helmet (photo please?) Thinking of you. ❤♡♥

  7. Hi Jamie and Ken, I am just so happy to hear that all is going so well. It must have been so good for you to see Wyatt and Gus, Ken. (And they you.) Shane and I are looking forward to a visit soon but we'll call first to make sure it's a good time for you. Probably in the evening?

  8. Great news, keep up the good recovery work, Ken. It sounds like you are at the New England Rehab in Portland, is that right? I spoke with my mom last night who has been a nursing home doctor for 30 years in southern Maine and she says New England Rehab has an excellent reputation. -chuck mccall