Thursday, October 21, 2010

Worst caffeine headache ever

Had my first cup of coffee in weeks today. I missed it really, I've missed anything with a flavor BlogBooster-The most productive way for mobile blogging. BlogBooster is a multi-service blog editor for iPhone, Android, WebOs and your desktop


  1. You win for the all time worst caffeine headache ever. For the rest of your life when people complain about caffeine withdrawal you can say "really? About that time I had brain surgery...." EFS.

  2. Hi Ken - I'm Nick's wife, Dina. I haven't met you or your lovely family, but if you like Scott Pilgrim you must be pretty cool. Anyway - you all are much in my thoughts.

    I was going to say that maybe I'm not seeing you at your very best, but I think maybe I am seeing you at your very best. You guys are an inspiration.

  3. So was your headache from having caffeine or not having it? I was bummed to find that the long (and probably boring) post I did this morning before I left for work never actually made it out there onto that interweb-thingy. Something about thickened orange juice and a strong gag reflex . . . meatloaf envy (I haven't been able to have it for more than 10 months cuz of the yeast in the breadcrumbs). Anyway, I'm delighted for you--about the coffee, not the headache.
    --keep on keepin' on!
    Amy K.

  4. I dropped it for a week once and was not pleasant to be around! Glad you can get your fix again. I'll bring you some Udder Place soon--Ed Collom

  5. Hey, Ken! Glad you are able to have food/drinks with taste again!! I've been praying for your recovery and it makes me so happy that you actually posted yourself. Jamie's posts are wonderful updates for all of us, but having you post makes it that much better. Keep up the hard work - you are doing a great job!! You are lucky to be surrounded by family and friends who love you. Draw on their love and strength. I'm confident you will succeed! (P.S. I can't believe you remembered that I sat in front of you in homeroom in High School. I hadn't remembered that detail, myself).
    Larissa Scola Gavlak

  6. I remember the first cup of tea I had after giving birth. It was brown British tea, with milk and two sugars. I hadn't been allowed anything except ice chips for 23 hours of labour in case they had to cut me open to get my kid out (which they did).

    It was the best thing I'd ever drunk. I still think of it every time I drink tea. Bet you'll think about this cup of coffee too, and what it means.

    So good to hear from you, Ken.