Sunday, October 17, 2010


Please come see him! Sorry if I haven't said it before. I will check on specific times that it's allowed. I also want to check in with his physicians etc, about how much and many can go at once. That means you UNUM! No flooding of the gates. Just check in with each other about who's going when. He loves it, but he also loves to entertain his friends and that's tiring right now. All the stroke books say to just be mellow. He's not deaf (as he told me the other day, was I yelling? me? noooo)(this was after he said to me "why are you sticking your face in my face?)(me. subtle). Don't give him too much to process at once. He's still there, and still quick witted, it's just the mechanics are a bit slower. The rehab's address is: 335 Brighton Ave # 201 in Portland. It's up the hill on the right as you are going from USM to Stevens Ave, part of Maine Med. I know that means little to you non-locals. But if you need more incentive to visit, the Udder Place just at the corner up from the rehab has excellent coffee and bagels (well, excellent bagels for Maine). The number for the general operator is 662-8000, just ask for Ken. And give him some rings to answer. He probably has to put down his iTouch first.


  1. Thanks Jamie, good to know.

  2. Okay, I want to know was that mustache done on the iPad with 'stachtastic app, or is it real? And can you download the app if you don't have it already and show us some other 'staches?
    -Chuck McCall

  3. What a fantastic idea! I think I'll have to do that! Looking forward to seeing you soon, Kenny - I just can't stay away.