Friday, October 08, 2010

Sleepy day for us all

Ken was sleepy, I was sleepy, Kens's mom Sara was sleepy. Only Michael, K's dad, wasn't sleepy. K had another good day. He is now on the general neuro floor. C U ICU! A little ICU humor there, hardee har har. They are giving him stimulant amantidine, to rouse him a bit. They are hoping that will help with him being able to initiate his speech, swallowing and keep his eyes open.

We've been doing a lot of range of motion stuff and visualization, as Tess suggested (sorry Tessy I didn't know it was you, good advice). I move Ken on his left side and he visualizes those same movements. It's good, because I hate just sitting around waiting for others to help him. It gives his parents and I something really concrete and truly useful to do.

I am home for the weekend through until Monday morning, I left around 1pm. I didn't hear this next part, but apparently he made another joke. It went something like this: he was saying goodbye to his PT aide Edgar and (I didn't know this) Candice Bergman's father was named Edgar and (I didn't know this either) K's dad Michael used to say "Mr. Bergman, Mr. Bergman". So, of course, Ken says that. I am sure it was an especially good gift to Michael and Sara.

It's just amazing to know he's in there. Still my dear, funny, endearing best friend. And when he does open his eyes it's like chrismukkah morning.

Thank you to Zarra for giving me a ride from the bus! Thank you to everyone for all the comments. He really looks forward to them.


  1. Not as much as I look forward to your updates... especially now that the news is so encouraging. It also makes me happy to know you're with your boys now. It must be so good, both for you and for them, to be together.

  2. Yeah, it definitely helps to have something concrete to do. Though caving in to the sleepiness will probably do you all a world of good too. I hope being home with the boys gives you some much needed rest and healing time for you, Jamie, so you can keep giving so much to Ken. I love that jokes are some of the things he's feeling are important enough to expend his energy on. The Dalai Lama says that our purpose in life is to be happy; jokes are a great way to spread the joy! Keep 'em coming, Ken!
    love, Amy K.

  3. So glad to hear you're out of the ICU, Ken! Can't wait to check out the new digs.

    Keep the jokes coming! If you're wanting for material, there's always "when is it time to go to the dentist", "interrupting cow", "a pirate walks into a bar", or when your patents aren't around, the one about the farmer and the duck.

    Love to you and the boys, Jamie, and see you soon.

    -Jamie B

  4. ...and my family looks forward to reading the updated blog every evening. We are so thankful for the good news of progress.

    Tell Ken how much all of his friends at work miss him, and think about him, and tell him how much love we are sending him!

  5. This all sounds so encouraging! I am so glad to hear that Ken is out of the ICU ("CU ICU" hee hee). Jamie, I am sending tons of love to all of you♥

  6. May this weekend bring you, Ken and your loved ones the healing power of sleep and serenity. A smile from your boys and a beautiful fall day will serve to bolster you, Jamie. Those of us who work with Ken are so very grateful for his slow-but-steady recovery, your eloquent and heart-felt updates, and, most importantly, the demonstration and reminder of our life priorities. We are all with you constantly, albeit not in person. And we WOULD be with you in person if you just say the word. Please tell Ken how much we miss him and are pulling for him. May the benevolent universe shed light, love and healing on you and your family.

    Mary A.

  7. Such wonderful news that Ken is out of the ICU! I hope you all get some rest this weekend. And, Jamie, enjoy your time with the boys. Love and hugs to you all! ♥

  8. Ken, I am so happy and encouraged by these posts. Thank you Jamie for keeping us updated. You are so special to everyone here at work and I can't wait to see you again.

    I'm getting fat on krackl'n oat bran. ;) I want you to know I especially miss you when I'm asked about SharePoint and Saba questions. Just Kidding...I miss you like crazy.

    Keep up the good work.
    xoxo to you, Jamie, and the boys.
    Lisa G.

  9. Ken, Cohen and I were reading the post last night in a lovely restaurant we happened upon in Austin. We were walking back to the hotel after listening to bands all day and we were lured in by a cute waiter outside telling us there were $5 cosmos available for happy hour. I'm sure you can only imagine how we couldn't turn that deal down. We ended up laughing and sharing 'Ken stories' for a long time. We miss you!!
    Jamie, thank you for all of your updates. I look forward to reading what has happened day-by-day.
    Sending all of my love!

  10. Ken,
    we are having a great time in Austin. I'm glad to be here because it's pretty empty without you in the next cube. Your wife is an amazing woman. But you knew that. You are doing great and we can't wait for a long explanation about how we f'd up shareoint or Saba while you were out. Love you buddy. See you soon.

    Tallulah. (JC)

  11. Ken,
    Tallulah just bought you the best gift EVER @ the festival!
    Miss you,