Wednesday, October 13, 2010

G-tube is in

Another good day. Tessy was here, and very helpful. She gave me a lot of great tips and good things to look for to help him. He was a little more tired today than yesterday, but still very funny and quick.He spoke to the boys. Wyatt told him all about going to the fire station in Cumberland. I don't know what Gus said, something about something being something and also big, big, BIG. He's laughing more, which is a fantastic sound.
Tomorrow there is going to be team meeting covering any questions we have regarding his prognosis, the specifics of what parts of his brain were affected, and discharge.


  1. Happy to hear that the G-tube surgery went fine, and that Tess is there with you guys.
    Tell Wyatt that Cyrus gets to have a field trip to the Bramhall Fire Station next Monday and is really looking forward to it.
    Glad to hear about the laughter too. :)
    Love from the Browns! ♥

  2. DISCHARGE!!! :) I hope all goes well at the team meeting tomorrow!

    I'm glad there's plenty to keep you laughing, Ken. It's good for the soul. Cougartown gave me some good laughs, but what happened to Courtney Cox's lips?! They look all stretched out and weird. Other than that I have to note that it seemed to be all about friends being there for each other . . .

    Amy & Ed

  3. Ken, As I have read your blog for the past hour after hearing from your mom, I realize that your book has been written - as I always told you it would be. When you have fully recovered, and I have no doubt you will, your book is before you - right here. It is real, it is profound, and it is full of love and hope for so many. You are a writer, and you are a fighter. My thoughts and prayers are with you and your family. Pat Heron Lewis