Sunday, October 03, 2010

holding steady

Ken's no longer on a breathing tube, just an oxygen mask. His mom said he was yawning up a storm after they took it out. They've also lessened his sedation because of that. The nurse prompted him to give his parents a wave when they left, and he did. All good things. All good things. . . As his mom said to me, baby steps.
I arrived home today to be with the boys until I go back Tuesday. The boys are great, though a bit out of sorts with me being away so long. When I got out of the car Gus ran up and immediately looked behind me and said, "where's Dada?". I told them all that I thought they could understand about what's going on with their dad. I think it was the hardest thing I've ever done. Hearing Wyatt use the word stroke. And ask me when his dad will move again, when he'll come home, not having any good answers. But then, godlovem, five minutes later they were off playing.

Thank you all for your support and love. Please know how much we all appreciate it.


  1. Jamie,
    I'm sure the boys must be happy to have their mom home to snuggle and that must be nice for you, too.
    Great news about Ken's breathing tube being removed and the wave to his parents. It sounds like he's making progress. Yahoo!
    Hang in there,

  2. Slow and steady is good. I'm sure it's hard to be away from Ken, but good for you and the boys to have some time together. Give them hugs from us, give Ken a hug from us when you get back, and give yourself a big hug too. We think about you constantly and are so grateful for all the updates. You are one amazing lady! xo

  3. Hey, Jamie, I'm glad you're home for a big dose of Gus and Wyatt love! That'll be so good for all of you. And that's great news about Ken having an oxygen mask instead of a breathing tube and a lesser amount of sedation. Small steps, perhaps, but IN THE RIGHT DIRECTION! I love that he waved to his folks! Each time I read about a response he's made I'm encouraged.
    I'll be home doing homework Monday night, if you need anything at all, just let me know.
    love, Amy

  4. Slow and steady wins the race. Squeeze your babies tight, good advice to give right back.

  5. Spoke with and OT friend of mine today who, when I told her what I knew of Ken's condition from what you've posted here, said, "Oh" in a HOPEFUL way, then expanded by saying that because he was responding appropriately to instructions that that gave him a much higher score on the whole stroke spectrum scale and said that she thought (no, she's not a neurosurgeon) that it sounded like the eyes not opening was related to pressure from swelling on the ocular nerves. Hope this is helpful and not annoying.

  6. I'm thinking of you, Jamie, and Gus and Wyatt and especially of Ken. And your families. Thank you so much for keeping us updated.

  7. I just learned about all you and Ken have been going through and I am crying reading your blogs. I am a friend of Ken's from his Freshman year dorm and have been in touch from time to time over the past 20 some odd years. I am sending love and strength and all the genuine care and concern he always showed everyone, even when he was just a young little 18 yo. Liza Cooper

  8. Barbara Ann Michaels12:53 PM, October 04, 2010

    I am thinking of you and Ken and your boys and families with a lot of love, Jamie. As I'm reading and seeing you see the little things around you and the big picture, I appreciate the real strength of your heart and spirit. I wave back at Ken. Big hugs, Barbara

  9. This is all wonderful wonderful news, thinking of you all and continuing to send love, prayers and all the good juju I have. Cariad