Monday, October 25, 2010


I meant to blog this yesterday. I was sitting at the computer, coffee in hand, when I read ken's post about John Denver. I let out a very loud guffaw and did spit take, luckily avoiding the computer. Now, there are things about my life I'd change. But having my cyber geek be able to make me laugh first thing in the morning from miles away? That was all blue sky.

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  1. I read this earlier today, but didn't have time to blog back right off. I did, however, go looking for what Ken had to say about my man, John Denver. Maybe it's on facebook? I don't have that . . . or a really old post? I didn't have time to look very far back. All I know is I'm very, very glad for your guffaw! Even if it had to be at John Denver's expense. John Denver got a friend of mine out of a coma. Say what you want about him, the force is strong in this one. :)