Saturday, October 16, 2010

call to home

We have all seen his blog. Maybe mine is now unnecessary. But in the interest of keeping up the news: he is going into full on recovery mode. The boys are seeing him for the first time tomorrow. I've told them how he looks, and he's spoken to them on the phone. Here's hoping it all goes smoothly. He's been calling at bedtime to say goodnight and listen to books and stories. Wyatt (my wise and compassionate boy) is very patient, waiting for Dada to reply to questions. It's kind of magical to watch him understand how to help Dada heal. Gus, of course, is just jabbering away with glee. Ken's two sons. He needs it both, I think.

He was exhausted after his evaluations with the OT, PT and speech person today. Fell asleep immediately. Sleep heals.


  1. Hi, Jamie - It's wonderful that Ken was able to post himself... and I want to tell you just how inspired by you and connected to you we have felt because of your entries. Someone in an earlier post commented on what an incredible writer you are, and I agree whole heartedly. In the midst of overwhelming fear, sadness and grief you managed to express your love and hope for Ken in ways that can move mountains. May you never have to demonstrate your courage and faith this way ever again. You have my admiration. If there is anything I can do to contribute to your family's recovery, just say the word. With love - Mary Atwood

  2. Hear, Hear Jamie-Girl! I second Mary's sentiment! For a self-described "blog-hater" you've done an amazing job of keeping us all informed of the good, the bad, and the terrifying--and with a sense of humor to boot.

    Ken--we are so, so, so happy and relieved that you're back in Maine and doing so well. Looking forward to seeing you all!
    love, Nancy,Julie& the girls