Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Shana Punim

Shana Punim, is yiddish for pretty face or "such a face" (as my husband, who speaks so much Yiddish tells me), I use it with ken. I am such a shiksa. Anyway, how that relates to Ken is this: He was wide eyed today. Okay, well, not completely wide eyed, but pretty darned close, darn it. And he was talking up a storm, and smiling (it's lopsided, but it's there). Tessy and I arrived this afternoon. Ken's brother was there. And Ken was joking and quite sassy today. I was doing range of motion with him. Then Tess had him push on her hands with his left foot and he did. She said he gave a couple of good heaves. It was wonderful. It was a great day. Lots of kisses.

They are going to be putting the G-tube in tomorrow. The speech pathologist was very encouraged by Ken's progress. He's my hero. He may be moving on to rehab sooner rather then later. He has to have the G-tube in for 24 hours before they can move him and be medically cleared. So, next we find out if he is medically cleared. I dom't think there's anything that is going to slow him up in that respect. His heart enzymes look good, he's doing well pain wise, he's up and responsive. Here's hoping!

Thank you to Ellen and Maggie for the wonderful b-day gifts. The pj's are so comfy. And the lavender smells great.


  1. What awesome news! Ken, you are amazing!


  2. Outstanding, go Ken go. Everyday you make this house happy


  3. I am not at all surprised that Ken might be moving to rehab "sooner rather than later." Ken, you told us you'd be kickin' it into overdrive on the recovery. I knew you meant it with every fiber of your being. It shows. Thank you, from all of us who are waiting daily for these reports of your progress. We are LOVING all of this great news. Frankly, it doesn't sound like you're planning on letting much of anything get in your way. Thanks for showing us what true determination looks like.

    Jamie, I just love to read the words "It was wonderful. It was a great day." Your heart sounds so much lighter than yesterday. I am relieved . . . and I agree with whomever wrote on an earlier post that you need to remember to take care of you, too, so you stay healthy and sane. Comfy pjs and soothing lavender sound like a great start! Be well.

    xo Amy & Ed (who has been here all along, but has just now asked me to put his name on here too)

    P.S. Hey, Ken, I went swimming for you on Columbus Day. Well, okay, I was going anyway, but I dedicated a lap to you. I got a great deal on a wetsuit so I could extend my swimming season by a couple of months, but I must say it's time to invest in some booties, that water is getting COLD!

  4. It is such a relief to hear progressively good news! Jamie, thank you so much for continuing to keep us all updated. Ken, I didn't swim any laps for you, but I did have a beer for you at Happy Hour last night :) Are you really surprised?
    Rachel C.

  5. Yay! Yay! Yay! So happy to read the good news. I have been thinking of you all on the daily. Planning to reconnect and get our little ones together-- so hurry home.
    Big hug to you both.
    CAroline Torres

  6. This is awesome news, way to go Ken! Keep up the great work!

    Brian D. (one of Ken's co-workers)

  7. Wonderful news! Jamie, thank you so much for your updates, on the better days and on the harder days. It is a wonderful gift to all of us to be able to read about Ken's progress. It's clear you have wonderful friends and family nearby, and those of us who are distant/long-lost are sending you both all of our love and hope too. - Gail Haruko Y (college friend)

  8. I like "sassy"!!

  9. F*ckin A!!! Way to go KEN!!!

    I wanted to mention that Music Therapy has had quite a bit of press regarding rehabilitation for patients recovering from strokes particularly with speech therapy. I wondered if you guys had heard anything about it, it's pretty interesting stuff and makes a lot of sense. AND you can learn some kick ass tunes as well ;)

    There are lots of articles about it online, here are a couple



    I work now and again at a music therapy clinic in NYC and if you're at all interested I can see if they have any contacts in New England who you guys could meet with...

    Meanwhile, go go go!!!! So thrilled to hear all the positive news!!!! Cheerleading from NYC!!

    x x

  10. Wow! This is amazing progress! Ted spent some time @ NE Rehab and staff was amazing! I hope Ken end up there, which I'm sure will make life easier for you, Jamie in terms of location. The facility may look sterile and drab, but the therapists were wonderful. They worked Ted hard each day and accelerated his recovery in a short time. Hang in there and give Ken a hug for me.

  11. Each status update really makes my day. Ken's my hero too. (And I can totally hear him saying "Shana Punim"). DanW

  12. Okay, I can't believe I am forced to wait until 9:30 for Cougartown to start! Here I was, thinking I would get out of doing some homework early in the evening, but NO! I have to keep working until it comes on, or be faced with the consequences of being unprepared at work tomorrow--which truly sucks when you're faced with a room full of 6th graders--they sense your unpreparedness and show no mercy!! :)
    Amy K

  13. Thank you,Amy, for reminding me to watch Cougartown tonight!!! I will go do that forthwith.
    I've been thinking about you all day, Ken, hoping the G-tube surgery went off without a hitch...I think Jamie said it would be today. It might make you feel better to know that Jason has started going to physical therapy twice weekly, for his back...he's on the verge of a herniated disc and is trying to avoid that scenario. You can just imagine how thrilled he is to be forced to exercise ;) Maybe you guys can become workout buddies ;)
    Love you guys! ♥