Monday, October 18, 2010

we danced

Ken had a very tiring first full day. They took out his catheter (successful so far) which I think was much more comfortable. He had an eval for his swallowing and did very well. Tomorrow he is having a barium test to more specifically understand what consistency he can eat. But the ST (speech therapist) said Ken looked really good. Here's hoping I can make him the roasted garlic, sage and butternut squash soup he likes soon. He's on upside down yoohoo now. Well, the stuff looks like yoohoo, but it's chock full of nutrients.

They got him standing on a special PT thing that holds him in place. We tossed a ball back and forth and Ken was up there for about half an hour. It was great. OT was spent working on his sitting balance, which is much, much improved. He'd been listing fat to the left and backward and forward. He couldn't quite figure out where his body was in space. Today he knew when he was upright. I was kneeling in front of him and we hugged and then swayed to a song that was playing in the gym. I wish I could remember the song. I'll know it when I hear it again. It was a lot of good things.

I spoke to our caseworker and she recommended that people come in 2 at a time and stay for 15 minutes. Remember that he is tired and being with people is tiring. But he loves the visits, and as he gets stronger he'll be able to do more.


  1. Oh Jamie, this is awesome! I had a dream about him standing up. It was so good to just be with him and be sure he is still all that and a bag of chips.


  2. Wow! It sounds like Ken had an amazing day! It shocks me to read about how much progress he's made a short time period.

  3. Such great news. This is so wonderful to hear. Every day will be better and better.

  4. What a sweet posting. It just warms the heart...


  5. What great news! I love that you've already had a first dance in recovery. Ed and I are thinking we will come Friday before game night gets underway, if that time slot hasn't already been claimed (and it's still within visiting hours; we'll check). You can tell us whether WE'RE sitting upright! :)

    See you soon,
    Amy K.

  6. Excellent, Ken I'll see you tomorrow around noon.

    Ed D.

  7. I'm hoping Jason and I can come by sometime during the week, after Jason gets home from work...unless that's too late in the evening. He gets home around 5:30. If it is too late we'll come on the weekend. Looking forward to a visit! ♥

  8. Do I count as one or two people or can I bring a friend? And 15 minutes is going to be hard to comply with, but I can stretch myself... you are, Kenny. And you, J. And you, Sara. And you, Michael. And you, Jan. And all of us who love Kenny. It's a stretch for all of us to imagine that this is real life. At least I feel like that. Will be in and will try to tone it down. You know who I am.

  9. Such fantastic news, Jamie and Ken!!! Thank you, thank you for taking time to share such great news on Ken's progress. Sending positive thoughts constantly to where you are. Valerie

  10. J-Good news. Accupuncturist (sp?) on board. Her name is:
    Marshall Woodward (207.874.4058/

    She is available to meet Ken on F 10.22. She is reading the blog to familiarize herself with both Ken and his history (and you). Having spoken with her, she sounds great--good vibes, but not too trippy. Very "there."

    Posting here, as do not want to overflow phone with messages, and too, to get all minds working in re: how best help Ken... in ANY way possible.

    Okay, HUGE hugs and such to you and K.