Friday, October 29, 2010

Go Fly a kite

A couple of days ago, my friend Tess called to recount a cute story about her son and, unintentionally, planted the seed of a metaphor -- am I like a kite stuck in a tree? If so, am I waiting for someone with a ladder to happen by? Or a strong gust of wind? Actually, I think I need the tree to grow some  new branches. Though I wouldn't turn down a stiff breeze that would carry me away.Without the stuck part, it's really an uplifting symbol (pun intended).


  1. Maybe you're not stuck at are still the kite♥

  2. . . . and we're the ladder and the branches and the breeze (I have been known to spew some hot air in my day) Sure, you could be a kite or a lark (I don't know, can you sing?) Okay, so I'm reading the post again, to understand it's meaning better and I finally realize it's you writing, Ken, not Jamie. (Sometimes I'm none too bright.) I am listening to music that I think you should consider adding to your list of stuff to listen to, because I can't possibly NOT move to it, maybe it would work those cross brain connections, who knows? I haven't done any research, I'm just going with what feels right, like always. Toots and the Maytalls Pressure Drop "The Definitive Collection" Disc 2, seriously good stuff.

    Have a good night, Ken!
    --Amy K.