Friday, October 29, 2010

auto ambulator

Kinda sounds like what it is. Ken was put in a machine that basically made him walk. He said it was pretty uncomfortable, but it was nice to see himself walk. He's been approved for all foods. Oh, and his room has changed, he's now in room 117 and his number is 662-8177. He's been craving this weird Friendly's burger surrounded by two grilled cheese sandwiches. Before you all go out to bring him one, please don't. After all, he did just have a heart attack.

I am sitting with him in his room. I like to just look at him.

We are sitting watching TV. Though not House, or Grey's Anatomy, or Discovery Health, or, well, you get the picture.

G'night. Squeeze the ones you love. Then kiss them, and then squeeze them. Just to the point where they are almost annoyed. That's what I do to Ken.


  1. You go, Jamie! Squeeze the hell out of that awesome husband of yours!
    Jen B.

  2. Love you guys a ton! Phoebe and I were thinking of stopping by at some point tomorrow. Phoebe dressed up as a zombie for her Halloween party. Jill and her did a wonderful job of putting the costume together. Take care and have a good night.

  3. You guys are so awesome :)
    Any food requests that I can make?
    We'll be in this weekend...probably Sunday...will call tomorrow.
    ♥ Joel

  4. Almost, J? You know, don't you, that you passed almost by the time he starts that laugh... Love to you both. Tess.