Wednesday, October 27, 2010

The Smell of clean

Ahhhh, a shower. Poor man hasn't had a full on shower in a month. Today was the day. The lovely PT Chrissanna and I got him showered and shined. Soap and shampoo from home, so he smells more like himself. He said he felt much better. Had a great day in PT. He was up on the parallel bars and was able to move forward a bit. His balance and sense of his body seem much better.

His speech therapist Mallory told Ken that she was really impressed with his sense of self. Many people who've had strokes in the area he did lose there sense of who they are, and kind of drift. Ken is very much himself. Very able to communicate and be present.

We ate lunch together today in his room and were able to talk. It was nice. We talked about the stroke and how he's feeling, but we also just . . . talked. By the way he is feeling good. I think he's pretty pleased with his progress. Wants it to be faster, but sees it's there. I was telling Mallory how impressed I was with how Ken is dealing with this. My reaction would be somewhere between weeping in fetal position and catatonia, or a mixture of the two. She said it was great to work with someone who could keep his sense of humor in such a situation. Ken said he had to keep going, getting better for the boys. It is big, his love for them.

We're going to be visiting him on Halloween, before trick or treating. Gus is going as a skunk, Wyatt is going as Clark Kent turning into Superman. His grandma even got him glasses. Pretty darn cute.


  1. Wyatt IS Clark Kent turning into Superman! He's learning how from his dad. You guys are just amazing. My love grows daily. Seriously, my heart just keeps getting more and more full of gratitude; I don't know how it keeps holding more. And Gus is right, something about this whole thing stinks, but it's not Dada! :)

    love, Amy K.

  2. Still love hearing all this. Leap home from work onto the computer to see all of this. What's Ken being for Halloween? Will he be superman still?

  3. Hi Ken,

    Great to see you the other day. Sorry I had to run out for the concert. The Barber shop was better than expected and good it was good to catch up with the lockery's after the loss of their Dad.

    I posted a little on magnetic stimulation to help speed stroke recoveryand and found many articles. thought you might want to geek out on your iTouch.

    Will be in New Orleans for Halloween. I hope I survive.

    Love and all the best,