Wednesday, October 20, 2010

mashed potatoes and meat

Had his first meal today. Still getting tube feedings, but started with a small meal of mashed taters, meatloaf, thickened OJ, some cottage cheese. Seemed to enjoy it.

His voice is much stronger, and he is enjoying the phone calls. Thank you!

He seems to be doing better. He lifted his hips off the ground today. Someone has to hold his left foot in place but he is definitely lifting up and using his hip flexors. Had some shrugging of his left shoulder. AND he stood up on the parallel bars holding up his body weight.

The boys visited him today and had a wonderful time playing with the whoopie cushions a friend had sent. Actually a couple of whoopies were sent. Can't ever have enought of them is what I say.



  1. Damn fine improvement! Make sure Ken reads Never Let Me Go and avoids watching it.

  2. Ooooh... institutional meatloaf... mmmm....
    Great to hear. Do you like the thickened water? I think it tastes like lemonaid. I actually like it. I drink it at the end of the shift if there's any left over. Most people hate it, but I want to hear what you think. So exciting about the parallel bars. What amazing progress. Wish I were there. Oh, wait, maybe I can be there... Cougar town's on at 930. I know there won't be any exciting PT at that time, but I'll give you a call to see if your eyes will still open at 930.

  3. Yeah! Go Ken! ...thickened OJ? when mine gets thick, I toss it! :)

  4. Mmm, delicious. And holy moses about the parallel bars, Ken! I cannot believe what grit you've got. If you've read back through the blog entries, this is reminding me of your "brisk"ness from just a few weeks back.
    Whoopie pies and books remind me of a good question from a few weeks ago - what can we send to keep you busy while you're there? I have tons of leftover books on cds, leftover books, etc. (And I also have the box set of David Sedaris reading his work which will make you crack up laughing a million times over.) Do you have a dvd player in your room? Let us know! oxox EFS

  5. Wow! Amazing! I was also wondering if you needed any books, dvds, etc. Or cheesy entertainment magazines ;) We will be calling shortly to schedule a visit this weekend!
    xo Joel