Sunday, October 31, 2010

The Reasons

There are many reasons why I like and love my husband. You know, things like his kindness, his sense of integrity, his beautiful writing voice, his amazing ability to find just the right present. But at the tippity top of that list is this story. We (we being Wyatt, Gus, myself and our wonderful friends Jack and Erica and their wonderful kids Dakota, Aino and Ora) walked in this afternoon to see Ken before Trick or Treating to show him the kids' costumes. He was there in his Superman Shirt. And then, my dear friends, went on for the slow reveal of his Superman, oh yes, uh-huh, say it with me . . . UNDERWEAR, in all their gorgeous primary colorness. There they were, a snug fit over his pj pants.

Now I love this on many levels. I love the fact that our superfriend Jamie thought to buy and send them to him. I love that Ken had it in his head to do it. I love the idea of him planning it, imagining the reaction, snickering to himself. And I love that, even though he had to ask someone to help him do get them on, he did. Just for a laugh. Over his pants. It was . . . well, it was Ken. Our friend Jack walked out and said, "Oh, yeah, he'll bounce back. He's awesome". And he is. He is soooooo awesome.


  1. He's more than awesome. He's MADE of awesome. Hope you guys had a great Halloween.

    - JB

  2. So TOTALLY awesome :) Glad you had a nice Halloween! Sorry we didn't get in to visit today...things got a little crazy around here this weekend. We'll be in as soon as we can arrange it. Love you guys!

  3. AWESOME!!!!!

  4. And I love that my wife is so easily pleased by sight gags. If only I'd alsofFarted,she'd be completely beside herself.

  5. Hey no time you'll be able to jump into your own super-undies all by yourself (and I hope you'll wear them everyday...well, not the same pair...) Anyway, even Superman needs to adjust to the gravity differences between Krypton and good 'ole Earth. You’re awesome!

  6. Love this! Ken, you are awesome.