Tuesday, October 19, 2010


Thanks for all the generous babysitting time. I'll call/write each of you to firm up.

Ken had another good day. He's starting thick liquid tomorrow. He'll still be getting nutrients from the G-tube, but slowly be getting more and more real food. Squash soup next week. They gave him electrical stimulation on his legs today and he said it hurt some but not too much. He's being stoic, I think.

His spirits are pretty good. Though I think he's afraid of telling me too much. It especially hurts him to think of the boys. He doesn't want them to be upset, scared or worried. I was telling him about Wyatt bringing his bear that MGH gave him to Show and Tell tomorrow. How W was showing me where the aneurysm is on Dada's head. At first Ken laughed and asked if the bear had a "hole taken out". Then I looked up and his face was so sad. He said, "my poor, poor boy". I think he feels the same way I do. As much as I want them to know the words and understand what's happening it is hard to hear them say it. It feels ugly and wrong. They shouldn't know those words. But they are doing well, and they love him very much. We talk on the phone every night. I think I'm going to bring them in to see him tomorrow.

He loves visits and calls. His number is 662-8577. Please call, and visit. in fact, call first just to let him know because he has his schedule in front of him and can tell you when he's available.


  1. Thanks for the phone number Jamie.

    Ed D.

    Ken, you rock!

  2. Ken, I know you're worrying about Wyatt and Gus . . . you're such a great Dad! Kids are really resilient. You just keep getting better and loving them. They know it. They feel it. They love you to bits and that love is healing. Try not to worry too much about them (I know, it's impossible, you're a Dad).
    love, Amy K.