Wednesday, September 07, 2005

Are Those Balls?

I was stopped at a light the other day, forced to stare blankly at the tailgate of the truck in front of me. And so I stared, gazing upon something hanging down from the tow hitch thingy. There are lots of boaters around, so I thought it could be some sort of truck hitch thingy floatation device, much as that makes absolutely no sense. But it had that molded white styrofoam look about it. Though more solid. Distinctly solid and white and shiny and cleaved…yea, almost like two large fishing sinkers, fused together and sealed in a white metal sack.

Sure enough:

Takes all kinds.

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  1. So, apparently, linking in one's blog allows complete numbspot websites to sneak in to advertise. Brilliant. Why can't any g-d thing be sacred?... eh... unintentional irony, there; I guess I'm just a crass sort of grl. Re: the truck balls, I wish I could invade the privacy of those who purchase truck balls and just see their pictures, maybe interview their spouses...