Saturday, June 30, 2012

Picture of a Fractured Mind

I've been toying with a new tool at work – something called mind mapping. I'm especially drawn to anything with the word "mind" or "brain" in it lately ("Squirrel!"), and it has been useful in capturing my somewhat scattered thoughts.

I thought it would be fun and interesting to actually create a mind map of my mind, so that's what I've placed below. A picture plus words is worth a thousand plus words, after all. I dare say, it isn't all that different from others' minds.Warning: The image is large and and may be difficult to read, but I hope you can make it out. You may actually just want to open it in a separate window.


  1. Wow.This leaves me wordless.

  2. Beautiful! I too am a huge fan of mapping and I try to incorporate it into my teaching a fair amount. I imagine my mind map would look a lot like yours. Great work!

  3. That is fascinating and just really cool. I wish someone would make a map like this for my mind, but I fear it would be so scattered that it would make no sense to anyone. Awesome, Ken. :)


  4. Joel, only you can map your mind. I used free software called MindMaple Lite.