Saturday, June 15, 2013

Opinion Poll

As I mentioned last time, I'm endeavoring to take my blog to the next level. What that'll actually mean is yet to be seen, but it begins with an effort to do some kind of branding and promotion around my writing and my message. Mind you, that message does fluctuate at times, but I do hope my experience can in some way help others navigate similar choppy waters. "Semicolon" as a metaphor has served me well in representing this pit stop in my life, but it's too commonly used, including an upcoming memoir which is not my own. While I now own the "semicolonblow" name and web address, it's been pointed out to me -- and I agree -- that it's a little too much of an obscure inside joke and open to improper interpretation to be truly useful . So I come to ask your opinion on finding a new name. If you are so inclined, please take a few minutes to answer this poll. My attempts to do this on Facebook have not yielded helpful enough results. I do feel somewhat beholden to some form of "semicolon," but I'm open to additional suggestions as well.


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