Saturday, July 13, 2013

A Blast from the Past

A few days ago we unexpectedly found our thought-to-be-lost first digital camera. Still on its memory card were a series of images from different passages in our lives, but most keenly:

  • Wyatt-- perhaps two hours old and all of five pounds -- trying to nurse for the first time. 
  • Both boys from infants to toddlers (we used to keep selected images on the camera as an easy digital photo album).
  • Disney World, May 2010 -- where I'd gone for my company's recognition conference. Though at the time I had no idea what was growing in my head, in retrospect it was a bit of a last hurrah.
  • Thomas (a.k.a Tommy Two Tone) as a kitten, right after he left his farm and followed us down the road in July 2010 (just when we needed something adorable to enter our lives).
  • Wyatt's first day of Kindergarten (which I'm happy to say I did not miss), early Sept. 2010.
  • Perhaps most jarring and not for the faint of heart or stomach, me at Mass General on October 12, 2010 (I've confirmed the camera's timestamp against my parents' Boston hotel bills,  emails my mother was distributing at the time to supplement the blog, and the blog itself -- even if I can't remember it all, my history is well documented). So the pictures show me with somewhat fresh, still-stitched incisions in my scalp as well as an NG-tube up my nose (down to my stomach), because my direct-to-stomach G-tube for liquid nourishment had not yet been inserted/implanted/installed.
Seeing BS (Before Stroke) pictures is always a bittersweet reminder of how much I've lost. And the raw, close-to-stroke images, while surreal and upsetting, are a reminder of how far I've come.

So, without further ado:

The pool at the Disney Beach Club, where I went swimming with my cell phone, May 2010.
Kitten Thomas, July 2010

Wyatt and me on a hike, September 2010.

Me, with a tube up my nose at MGH, Oct. 12, 2010, about two weeks after my surgeries and stroke.

Also Oct. 12, 2010. It looks worse than it felt.

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