Thursday, October 31, 2013

Happy Hallomeeeee

I'm sitting in the house, waiting to scare children. I'm on candy duty while Jamie (unknown costume), Wyatt (the Grim Reaper), and Gus (zombie) are out Trick or Treating. Truth is, as many Frankenstein and undead jokes I lob at myself (are zombies really stroke sufferers -- thus the sluggish pace and appetite for brains?), I'm apparently not that scary looking. Despite the head scars and perma-sneer, I'm still just a slight, 5' 7" Jew. Not that intimidating. The most I get from kids is a sideways glance at my cane and a look of, "What's up with him?" And at work, I've become the "Hey, how's it goin'?" guy. Not scary, just a vague curiosity. Actually, I think we're going to be lucky to get any sugar seekers tonight; the rain's coming down pretty hard. I'll give out extra Snickers to anyone braving the weather.

The scariest thing about this Halloween is that three years ago today, I was lying in a New England Rehab bed with a divot in my head and underwear on the outside of my pants:

Where did my legs go?

I've also, frighteningly, been contemplating The Ghost of Christ Complex Past. I spend a fair amount of time perusing my blog stats -- 43,000 hits and counting! Despite the fact that an inordinate amount of my traffic seems to come from Ukrainian spam bots, I often take note of my most-visited entries and try to figure out if they're being looked at by human or machine. For whatever reason, this week's winner was my Famous last words. It's powerful for me to read now, knowing it was the last time I typed with two hands, feeling somewhat sorry for the poor slob who didn't quite know what he was in for, and wondering if I've been able to live up to that specter's ambitiously-courageous wishes.

Speaking of my own haunting, I'm reminded of July 2010, a day or two after my cerebral angiogram, when we took a family outing to Tassel Top beach. After having a catheter threaded from my groin to my neck, I was feeling somewhat hobbled (little did I know what hobbled was) and generally distraught about what the future held. I remember taking a short stroll by myself, on a boardwalk through the woods, peering through a spinney of thin trees at Jamie and the boys on the beach; and imagining that I was doing so from The Great Beyond. It was very peaceful and somewhat comforting (thinking I'd be able to watch over them), which is why I remember it still. The brain stores memories in odd places.

Okay, I've handed out a few treats to a few soggy souls and satisfied my morbid desire to get this down.

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  1. 43,000 hits...good lord. You're officially my first celebrity friend! EFS