Saturday, March 08, 2014

March into May

I'm going with Shameless Shilling for the win. Many people (including some of you, I'm sure) donated to my recumbent tricycle fund for my birthday a couple of weeks ago. And a very generous benefactor has offered to match donations with his Bitcoin stash (ill-booten gotty). So I'm very close to my goal but not quite, quite there. I'm also vigorously training for this spring opportunity (never mind that the dog ate the basement TV remote, somewhat inhibiting rides on the stationary recumbent). And I finally got my hands on some pictures of me trying out a recumbent trike last fall. So I wanted to share those purse-string-loosening photos:

I rode a Delta style (one wheel in front), while a friend took the Tadpole (two wheels in front).

I know it looks like I'm miserable, but I was having a good time, I swear.

Sorry, I pretty much just have the one expression.

There, that almost looks like a smile, right?

So that's where the dream began. I've been diligently researching and talking to my trike guy (yes, I have a trike guy) about the best options for gears (7 or 21?), one-handed shifting, and one-handed braking that evenly-distributes the deceleration. Once the snow finally melts, hopefully I'll be ready to hit the bike trails with the kids and anyone else who's game (if you can keep up). I'll probably be on a shiny, new folding Tadpole. Remember that 's Try for the Trike.

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