Tuesday, January 25, 2011


Ken's amazing, generous, wonderful friends (led by Lisa Gaudet) at UNUM, have come up with Kenapalooza, check out this link:
And you all know, or maybe you don't, how much Ken LOVES to be the center of attention. Darn sarcasm is really hard to write. Anyway, if you can come, please do.

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  1. Can't see it because I'm not a "FACEBOOK." I'll have Ed show me when he gets home from work--he can't look at it at work . . . stupid rules. Date dependent . . . I'll bet we'll be there . . .


    P.S. How's all this snow & cold weather treatin' ya? Need anything?!

  2. Hey, Ed couldn't look at it either . . . he clicked on it and it sent him to the blog and the blog sent him to facebook and back again. We're not invited, are we? :)

    xo Amy

  3. omgom, I would love to come! hmmm, already speculating how I can make this work. EFS

  4. Seeing as how we have mutual friends and everyone knows anyway, I'll post this to my facebook for the heck of it. Maybe a few stragglers will notice.

    love you guys,

  5. In this blog my favorite punctuation mark is the semicolon. The semicolon is a sigh of contemplation, an eye roll of reflection. It also defines about the Kenapalooza.