Sunday, August 21, 2016

Recovery Is More Than Just a Salvage Operation: Redefining Success After a Stroke -- The Movie

It took some finagling, but I've finally managed to assemble a watchable, 40-minute version of my speech at the stroke conference in May.  At least I hope it's watchable. I can't personally bear to sit through more that a few minutes of my muttering. I also recognize that there are some, "you had to be there," moments, specifically when I address members of the audience (usually Jamie and the kids). Since there is only one audio track -- including my microphone and sound from the videos in my presentation -- you may need to tune out one to hear the other. I tried to even out the sound generally, but you can personalize the volume to suit your needs. I'm afraid there's nothing that can be done about the actual sound of my voice, but feel free to imagine Anthony Hopkins if that helps (hey, I've been to Wales). If you have trouble seeing the presentation slides, they're still available here. Otherwise, sit back, relax, enjoy the show...

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