Monday, February 25, 2019

Missing Time

All I mean is that the day has flown by, not that I was abducted by aliens.
I'm writing on my phone, which will hopefully be more accurate than the one, gibberish post I remember doing in the rehab on my ipod Touch 2nd Generation. Let's see how autocorrect and predictive text has improved in the last 9 years.
So I got up at 430 this morning to take my meds with water, as I was supposed to do four hours before surgery. That left me plenty of time to shower with antibacterial soap before leaving at 630. Surgery was at 840,and the next thing I knew, it was 1140. Got to my room, I think, between one and two. Since then, I've chatted with Jamie and Gus, got to know my nurse and CNA, and watched TV . I can't eat or drink, so I'm getting pumped full of IV fluids. Since I don't have much of an appetite anyway, I haven't  been hungry. The toughest thing was that my bladder was filling, but I couldn't pee. It's apparently not an uncommon side effect of anesthesia, but I eventually had to get a catheter. Aside from a sore throat and some pain around my five small belly incisions, that was the worst part of the day.
Assuming all continues to go well tonight, I'll have my swallow test in the morning and head home. Hopefully, I'll talk to you then.

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