Monday, September 27, 2010

New Date, Same Brain

My surgery's been rescheduled for Wednesday morning. We were given that news late this (Monday) morning, and decided to stay in Boston. That wasn't an easy choice, since going home would have meant time with the kids. But it also would have meant disrupting the routine they were starting to establish with my mother-in-law. And re-creating the stress of traveling back down. Though the stress won't have any problem regenerating on its own come tomorrow night.

Anyway, the delay's given us a little time to breathe. It certainly changed the potential tone of our dinner last night (with my parents, wife, brother, and sister) from "last meal" to family reunion. Unfortunately, my brother and sister had to go back to New Jersey this morning (they'll return on Wednesday), but that gives them rare quality time in the car. Jamie and I took a nice walk along the Charles this afternoon (by way of playtime at the Apple Store). We've been watching bad TV. And had a delicious Portuguese meal tonight.

Tomorrow, we'll continue to lay low. No big plans. My hope is simply to enjoy more time with my folks and wife, have lunch with my good friend Jamie Boy (who we also saw at breakfast this morning), possibly see Scott Pilgrim vs. the World (again), and to spend a little more time with you fine people, whoever and wherever you are.


  1. Thanks for the update, Ken! We're with you in spirit...sending all our love and strongest mojo (as requested by Jamie) your way. ♥

  2. Love you, Ken. See you tomorrow when you wake up.

  3. Dear Ken - I feel like I may be a little late commenting here. Just heard about your situation from Cathy Harbour. Wow, dude! If you are reading this, then I guess things went at least relatively ok. Please know I am sending you all the healing and good vibes I can muster. Do you believe in that sort of thing? For what it's worth, I have fond memories of you cheering me up after my first broken heart. And, riding roller coasters with you in Agawam before 6 Flags took over. Last week I went to 6 Fags - Gay Adventure in NJ for their annual queer night at the amusement park. I still love coasters. Not so good for anyeurhisms (sp?) though. Love, Jeff Darcy 415-516-0931

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