Wednesday, November 03, 2010

Another Day in the Life of K to the E to the N.

It was another day. PT, OT and Speech. All good. Ken moved his whole arm with his shoulder. The OT showed me how to hold his arm to support his joints as he moved it and said we had to fight gravity for him. And suddenly I had this glorious picture of Ken bouncing around on the moon, waving and jumping. In his Superman underwear. And his red slipper socks.
I will quote him today. Today he said he was, "hopeful". I am hopeful, too. I am hopeful and grateful and determined. We are all clumsy. We are all destined to fall, have scars, be bruised. Nobody gets through life unscathed. So, I am scathed. I am scatheful, but I am less scathed than some. I still have my husband, my sons still have a father. Scathes be damned. I will cry while listening to dumb love ballads, I will be angry, but I will also remember the house full of people I just had come over to help clean my house. People who love Ken. It is all very heartening and humbling. Hopeful. I will follow his lead.
Tomorrow I'll see him on the autoambulator. But I will imagine him on the moon.


  1. After a crappy political day. Hearing good news about Ken and his progress is so enlightening and inspiring. you two are a wonderful example of all that is lovely in life and human relationships. Thank you for sharing parts of your journey.

  2. Thank you for reminding me...yet be grateful for all that I have. I spent the day grumbling about politics and wallowing in self-pity over an argument with a friend...really a lot of pointless negativity on my part. Thank you for the kick in the ass...I need them on a regular basis :)
    I'm so glad to hear of Ken's progress!!! And "hopeful" is's what I usually shoot for...then it's a bonus if the day turns out to be spectacular.
    ♥ Joel

  3. A glorious and hopeful picture you have painted for us all, Jamie! I am full of hope and my smile is HUGE at Ken moving his whole arm with his shoulder. Stronger and stronger and hopeful is a great way to be! Thank you for, once again, brightening my day, you two!

    Cougartown tonight!
    --Amy K

  4. So happy to hear hopeful and to read these profound renderings. - Liza Cooper

  5. Jamie, I am consistently touched by your writing here (not just because of the hopeful news either). Your household is blessed with words. Can't wait till the boys start blogging. :)

    I've got a lot of air travel and waiting around tomorrow. Maybe a good time to chat with K*e^n. --dwilk