Tuesday, November 23, 2010

up and down

This week started out . . . well, as Chrisanna (OT) put it, "the word of the day yesterday was melancholy". Yesterday was a pretty hard day emotionally. Ken was feeling sad, and frustrated. I was feeling the same. Both wanting to make it better for the other person, wanting to come out of the hole. Ken said something like, "I am ready for the magic pill now". Me, too.

Then today I saw him walk with a cane. I'd seen it before, but this time he had very little help. I yelped. Ken asked if I was going to do that every time he took a step. I think I did. Then Joanie Showed me how to help him, it was wonderful. I could feel him adjusting his weight, and correcting himself. The he and Joanie tried the stairs. He did wonderfully. Up on side, down the other. Several times. It was what we needed.

Oh, and, apparently there is some sort of bacteria growing on his skull so they can't use it and are putting in a plastic prosthetic instead. Yup. He's getting a CAT scan and they are getting measurements from that and will, using those measurements, be able to mold the plastic for his skull piece. Now, you know you've been through a lot when the thought of plastic instead of skull in your husband's head doesn't really phase you. But I do have to ask, did they put it in tupperware, or ziploc? A gum wrapper? I mean this is a world renown hospital. I guess we're doing better than the woman who's skull got thrown out when she had her craniotomy in Mexico. Yup, again.


  1. Dear Ken and Jamie,
    I am sorry that you had a couple of down days. You have been through a lot, a lot more than most of us will ever be through. Your strength and love for each other is always an inspiration. Both of you and the kids were sorely missed at Doug's party and I cannot wait to have all of us together at a party again soon. I am thinking of stopping by tomorrow around 3:30 or so if that's okay.

  2. Wow and wow again. I'm tempted to utter a "holy bat. . ." (something a la Robin, Batman's sidekick), but I want to be sure it stays family friendly here on your blog.

    It is great to hear about how well you're doing walking, Ken! I'm glad that there are some highlights to this week for you.

    Will needing a prosthetic delay the surgery date any? I hope not! You certainly have had more than your fair share of twists and bumps in the road already.

    I'm hoping that you'll be up for visitors on Friday at some point. Ed and I will give a call to see if you're up for a few lame jokes and mildly witty banter (Ed, of course, not me!)
    Amy K.

  3. Shane is right...considering everything I'm surprised you haven't had more "down" days. You both are amazing. I only hope that if I ever go through anything like this that I handle it with as much grace and humor as you two have.
    We are planning to visit on Friday, if Ken will be around...or Saturday, if that's better. We'll be kid free for the weekend...we're leaving Cy in Turner when we come back Thursday night :D
    I'll call tomorrow during the day and check your schedule for the weekend. Now I must get back to baking...pies, pies, and more pies!
    ♥ Joel

  4. Hi, favorite family. I was thinking of you all on Thursday, and thinking of Wyatt and Ken crying as they said goodbye, so then I was crying too, mostly because I'm so impressed at the courageous and compassionate little men you are raising. In the worst of the down days maybe the best you can do is remember that there will definitely be up ones again, too. Here's to December! xox EFS