Tuesday, November 02, 2010

Salty Potatoes and a Shrug

I wasn't able to be there much today. But we were able to take a bit of a walk outside and do some range of motion work. Ken loves that. I make him walk in bed. He moves his right leg and I move his left, then we march. It's all very silly looking, but it makes me feel like I am helping him heal a bit. We both had a bit of a moment while doing it. Him saying he thinks I don't think he's trying hard enough (not true), me saying that I think if he doesn't get better it's because I didn't do enough. We talked and cried a bit, then watched Oprah interview Ricky Martin. They were both very earnest.
We had our first parent teacher conference with Wyatt's teacher (LOVE HER) who basically said he was doing great. She said he's very compassionate and caring, that he advocates for his classmate Adam who has some learning disabilities. Academically he's just where he should be. We tried to speaker phone with Ken but got cut off. I told him all about it later. We are very proud.


  1. Big hugs to all of you ♥♥♥

  2. that's whole bucket loads of awesome!!!!

  3. I think you're both putting a tremendous amount of pressure on yourselves and that you can't help but do so. All of us want you to be completely healed "right now" Ken, but that's not what we get. What we get is this inexorable lesson in patience. You most of all. The Dalai Lama says "There is no fortitude similar to patience," and speaking as one with very little of it, I know he's right. I wish you the speediest possible healing process and the fortitude to deal with the awful wait as your brain heals and rewires and catches your left side up with all that you wish it would do on command.

    Nice job parenting that great kid, Wyatt, by the way! :) Gus too, for that matter!
    love, Amy K.