Sunday, November 14, 2010

Ramps, pizza and small bathrooms

Visit accomplished. Got him into the car without a hitch. Was having trouble getting the wheelchair into the car when (and I am not joking) a cowboy came by and folded it up and put it in the trunk for me. He even TIPPED HIS HAT! We drove home, with Ken feeling a bit carsick. He's been complaining a bit of some dizziness when he rolls over in bed, we think it's because that bit of skull is missing. It's messing with his equilibrium a bit. But we successfully got him home. Thankfully it was a nice day because we had the windows rolled all the way down to get some fresh air.

We drove into the driveway and there were Jamie and Stephanie (friends from Boston), Michael and Sara, and the kids. We got him out of the car easily. Getting him into the house was a bit harder, but fine. Ken's Aunt Ellen and Uncle Frank had a temporary ramp they loaned us (thank you!). There would have been a lot of jostling without it. We sat outside and had lunch. Ken wearing his helmet, yellow lensed aviator sunglasses (given to him at the disco party by Shane) and a baseball hat (given to him by Jamie for his B-day) that says "old as dirt". Mostly we just chatted and enjoyed it. But, boy, we have a lot of thresholds in our house and our downstairs bath suddenly gets exponentially smaller when you put a wheelchair in it. Hopefully he won't need the wheelchair in the house when he comes home.

Ken and I talked in the car on the way home. We were both feeling the same. A bit of, as Ken put it, ennui. It was very hard to bring him back. Very hard.

The thought as far as discharge is that the operation for his skull will be on 12/6, and he'll be at MGH for 3-4 days. He may go back to rehab if they feel he needs it. I guess anesthesia etc., could make him lose some ground, but my impression is that it would only be for a short stay to, as they say, get a "tune up".

All I want for Christmas . . .


  1. I bet he looked awesome sitting in the sun with those shades. What a great step!

  2. Sounds hard and good. Nice to have good friends and family at the door, some of the old along with some of the new.

    On a side note, I have really enjoyed hearing stories about the boys from Jen. It sounds like they are dealing with this really well. Like they are processing what is going on while still really enjoying life.

    The latest story I heard was about Jen painting toes with them. Jen told Gus one of the best things was being able to wake up and see your painted toes and say 'Good morning toes!"

    Next morning Jan came in to see Gus smiling and wiggling his toes and saying 'Good morning toes'.

    Wyatt was recently overwhelmed by his own intelligence. He said "Tanta Yenna, I am so smart". TO which Jen replied "I know you are so smart Wy Wy, and why to you think that is?" Wyatt said "Because my brain is bigger than the universe"


  3. So glad you had a great day. Many more to come. And, I bet you will get your wish.

  4. Such a great milestone, a day at home! I wish I could've seen the "old as dirt" hat! I hope you get lots more days at home soon, Ken.
    --Amy K.

  5. omg. home by 12/10. Wild. and wonderful. Doug's birthday party is this saturday the 20th at 6p. We have a ramp and a downstairs bathroom. Tess.