Monday, November 15, 2010

Squeeze (not the band)

He squeezed my hand today.
A soft, strong squeeze.
Then a sheepish grin.


  1. You know if you switch the order around, you've almost got yourself a haiku there! :) Meanwhile, it sure sounds like you've got yourself a love story going on here. Definitely deserving of poetry!
    --Amy K.

  2. Great to hear and I love the sheepish grin... Sounds like it is here to stay as it keeps popping up in your posts.

    Looking forward to hearing what brings the next grin


  3. Happyhappyhappy. And Amy, why wasn't that a haiku? Syllables per line? I'm a little rusty. Tess

  4. The best thing is that there was a love story going on before we ever gave much thought to the words "intracranial aneurysm." Now, it's just sweeter and stronger. And we get to participate!

    Love you K&J!

    So good to see you last week, whoopie pie, weenis, and all!

    You gave me much courage.

    Video to come soon, Sara.


  5. Ken & Jamie, You guys give hand holding a whole new meaning & panache! Go Ken...keep up the great work out ethic!