Saturday, November 06, 2010

Today was Saturday

Ken's brother Jeff, wife Beth, and two ridiculously gorgeous and charming daughters Griffen and Samantha, came up this long weekend. Wyatt and Samantha were joined at the hip as were Griffen and Gus. Quite cute as always. They boys had a blast with them, and are incredibly happy and tired. And sad to see them go, as am I. As is Ken.

Ken had a good last couple of days. He was able to push his left leg enough to move the pedal of his therapy bike. His balance his getting better. His smile is still lopsided, but I like it. He is still amazing me with how he is coping with this.

The boys came to visit, a bit longer this time. They finally discovered they could move the bed. Instantly obsessed. But they also got some cuddle time with Dada, and got to talk and ask him questions. Which is great, but hard for Ken. He said that having Wyatt ask him makes his situation that much more real. Despite that Ken answered the questions, didn't deflect or distract. Good father and smart. He is currently watching a curious amount of HGTV.


  1. Aw, I gotta say, haven't posted a response in a while but am always keeping up with Ken's--really everyone's--progress. As a fan of blogs and stuff like that, I cherish & thank every blogger out there who keeps at it and contributes--especially you Jamie. And WWTDD, which I find enjoyable as any E! show out there).

    HGTV is all about renovations and visualizing a new future for your home so I'm not surprised Ken is in tune with the vibe. Or the second home thing. Always appealing.

    Also, good to see the progress with PT--Keep it coming, even when it's not an easy day, and I know there are many of those. I and probably many others out here are still around, pulling for you, Ken and family.

  2. Glad you all had a good visit! We would like to visit tomorrow but Cy has been sick yesterday and today...high fever, upset tummy, sore throat...and still has a temp. over 102 now. So...needless to say we're having to play it by ear. Don't want to infect anyone and Cy's not up for doing much other than lying around on the couch anyway. Jason and I may have to make seperate trips in during the week. Let me know what I could bring in for food this week!!!
    ♥ Joel

  3. The good news just keeps coming! I feel like all I hear about is progress and it reads so good! I've spent some time with my brother and sister this week too; it's great to be able to do. I'm glad you got to too, Ken! And Jamie, I second the motion that you are completely absolved of any and all thank you notes in regard to this matter. What you both write here is all the thanks anyone could need.

  4. Thanks for keeping up the blog. It is intimate and all things good. For some incoming news... Went down to New Orleans and I am pretty sure I had a great time. it is rainy and windy in Manchester, I am going to stop by the beach on my way to work to see some waves. I have been listening to Peter Wolf's midnight souvenirs since I have one cd and have not set up my hard drive of music yet. It is good though.

    Hope you are enjoying your showers, intense work (and the progress you are giving yourself), and time with family and friends as it comes.