Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Singin' in the Rain

Sent Wyatt of to school with a little soft shoe in the rain. Went to PT to witness Ken walking, holding the hallway handrail and with a lot of assistance from Shelley (PT), but he was doing it. The some wheelchair slaloming, which was funny. I felt so bad for him, as he is not the best at spacial stuff and she had him weaving through these little cones on the floor while looking up to find and identify letters. Did great with the letters, but a couple of those cones got clobbered, though not many.
Tess brought Thai food. Julie brought Helen (her daughter) to visit. Then Sara and Michael brought just Wyatt for a visit. Wyatt loved it. He got some one on one time with Dada and helped Chrisanna (OT) do her therapy with him. W was so excited he told me about it again at bed time. I was telling Wyatt how Dada sounds a little different now and moves a little less, trying to coax him into a conversation about how he was feeling about all this. Wyatt interrupted me and said, patronizingly I might add, "Mama, we love the people in our family. Dada is Dada. I love him all the time".
Simple, no?


  1. Perfectly executed soul-speak, Wy. Love, Tess.

  2. How beautiful is that?!?! That Wyatt is one amazing individual! What awesome parents you guys are!

    It sounds like you're doing a great job with the PT and OT, Ken! I think I am FINALLY over the cold that getting my flu shot caused (3 and half weeks later), so maybe Ed and I will be able to swing by and see you in action soon.

    be well,
    Amy K.

  3. Damn... you're whole family never ceases to amaze me. You guys are raising some kick ass kids!

  4. I bet you had an extra good sleep after that one. Very heartening to hear Ken is getting more mobile.

    Ken, having some time with your boys must help you stay focused in these critical months.

    Looking forward to more news and what comes out of Wyatt and Gus' mouth next.