Monday, November 08, 2010

Short Visit

Due to a hectic day: got mom to the airport, Wyatt's school got canceled, my visit with Ken was short. The boys are still BIG fans of the movable bed. Really, really, big fans. They ate lunch in Ken's room and got to meet Chrissanna, his lovely (I swear she looks just like Amanda Peet, and good at what she does OT. Wyatt even talked to her without doing it from behind my knees. Ken seemed to be having a very sleepy day. And threw up in the morning, but felt better during the day. His blood pressure's been low so they are going to put him on IV fluids. Don't know why they can't just remind him to drink or have me/those with him remind him to. Anyway, onward and upward.


  1. Onward and upward! But first, to bed! To sleep: blissful, restful, healing sleep. G'night, Jamie & Ken!
    --Amy K.

  2. I found time to read the blog...while pretending to watch Jeopardy...after enjoying a fabulous taco night. Andrew is impressed that I made the blog. I am impressed with how close you got on the spelling of my name...but next time you can lose an s.

    See you tomorrow for some range-of-motion-fun!

    - C