Sunday, December 12, 2010

Crocodilles and naps

Ken and I spent a semi quiet day today. We did a little PT and OT together, then we talked and watched TV. Ken napped as I watched a show about a gator park in Louisiana (or somewhere). There was a very tough chick on the show who caught an alligator during "Gatorfest". I probably would have tried it when I was young, but now it just makes my neck hurt.

I was talking to Dr. Kazmi, the doc in charge of Ken's case, and told him he was in the blog. That I'd talked him up. But then I was reading through and realized that though I have talked him up, I hadn't written him up. So, here goes. He is great. The first day we were here was horrible. I felt lonely and desolate and hopeless. Then Dr. Kazmi came in, and literally (not figuratively) I felt better. He has this calm, gentle energy and the most kind eyes. Plus he knows his stuff. And the staff has only good things to say about him. We are very lucky. We work with a wonderful, caring, knowledgeable group of people.

Oh, and guess who sent Ken a poster? C'mon guess. Okay I'll tell you. You remember Scott Pilgrim don't you? Well, the actress that plays his older sister Anna Kendricks, and the director Edgar Wright sent him one. YES THEY DID! Isn't that cool? Now, after I'd tried to figure out who'd play me in the movie I remembered that her mom works at Ken's company and it wasn't just happenstance. So, I guess Diane Keaton won't be saying the famous line, "here, honey, I've brought you some prunes". And George Clooney won't be saying "I have to be here, this is where my ass is". I know, I know the age difference. I just love Diane Keaton. So, anyway, if Anna or Edgar are reading this, THANK YOU. It was very kind and thoughtful of you, and there was definitely a lopsided grin when he got it. It made his day/week/month/etc. The poster's hanging prominently (though crookedly-I am so bad at hanging things) on the wall of his room.

Oh, and I can't remember if Ken wrote this in his blog post, but his room and phone are the same. Come visit and see his round head.


  1. It is very reassuring to know that Ken is getting the best care and therapy! Not to mention all that high quality love and attention from you, Wyatt & Gus!

    I'll bet that wall doesn't look so beige with a SIGNED Scott Pilgrim poster on the wall!! :) Not to mention, of course, all of the photos and artwork Ken has mentioned previously (making him feel as rich as George Bailey).

    Round head visit soon, I hope!
    --Amy & Ed

  2. Hi Ken, We are so glad to hear that you are back in Portland, and continuing to get better. I hope that we can come visit you soon. Very cool news about your connection with Hollywood!
    Jill and Shane

  3. Alright, this is it. As soon as I finishing my fecking finals, this weekend I'm watching Scott Pilgrim. Pretty much any movie Ken has ever suggested to me I've liked, and since he's written/blogged/tweeted/facebooked about it no less than a dozen times and now has a SIGNED POSTER....I'm going to lose my card in the Ken-Community if I don't watch it. Welcome home, Kenneh. xox EFS.