Tuesday, December 07, 2010

twin peaks

Ken is doing well. Still tired and groggy. But his G-tube is out. YAY! And the catheter. YAY! I am hoping that we'll get the okay for discharge soon, maybe by Thursday. Then onto rehab.

His roommate is very creepy. He reminds me a bit of Bob from Twin Peaks. I know that all of you who watched that show are now very creeped out. And with that, goodnight. Sweet dreams.


  1. Awesome. Higlight of (my) day was getting texts from him! Might have to surgically remove that itouch eventually ;).

  2. Here's hoping for discharge tomorrow; that would be great! Sorry to hear about the creepy roommate! ICK!
    --Amy K.

  3. I just Googled "Bob from Twin Peaks." Eek! Tell Ken to sleep with one eye open.