Monday, December 06, 2010

Holding Pattern

This is Ken. No way to say if it's fortu nate or unfortunate, but my surgery's on hold for at least a few hours.Some questions came up about whether I should have more cardiac tesing beforehand, given the fact that I had a heart attack in September. There was always a plan for me to see a cardiologist for a chemical stress test, but it's frustating that it's come down to the wire for the doctors to raise questions of timing on that. I'mhoping to make it through the day no worse for the wear, though it feels odd to wish for the status quo when my quo isn't all that palitable.


  1. Ug. And crap on a crap stick. You will do this. You will make it through, and you will amaze and inspire the world with your talents, and talent yet to come. You will inspire your sons, your friends, your family... strangers. I know this of you.

    And while I wished upon a star, pretty much every night and everyday, when visible, I did know this much is true: you will make it. And you will make yourself very, very proud.

    I love you HUGE. I am with you. ALL THE WAY. Stay strong. Stay positive. Wish for the stars and the moon and the green green skies of Lexicon. Don't hold back with HUGEASS wishes. Wish for it all, and some it, some of it, will come true.


  2. eloquence is not my strong point...breathe deeply and often, tense muscles and then relax them and think of the most pleasant vacation spot you've had so far....preferably with some waves and sun and maybe by then "they" can speed this along.....:)love,etc.