Thursday, December 16, 2010

Gluttony of Christmas Cheer

So, we got a Christmas tree, went to a party, saw Santa, sang carols, got presents, at cookies. Now I am tired. Holly jolly tuckered out.

Ken may be home on Tuesday. Home for Christmas. Wow. So happy and nervous. Mostly happy. I'd say a 90% to 10% ratio. Don't know what Ken'd say his ratio is, but probably something similar. Reminds me of when we first moved in together, that mixture. It worked out the first time, and now I know he snores, so no surprises.


  1. Excellent, excellent news!!!

  2. Sounds like the best Christmas gift in the world! ♥

  3. That's fantastic news! But the real question: will this particular Christmas present fit down the chimney? Unless the OT has shown you some impressive tricks, Ken, I'm thinking Santa will have to go with plan B.


  4. That is wonderful news! Just what we were wishing for your family, togetherness for Christmas!
    --Amy K.