Monday, December 06, 2010

technical difficulties

Sorry, we've been having some problems with connecting to the internet. He's in surgery now. Should be about  2-3 hours.

We've had a long day. They announced early this morning that he should've had a stress test for his heart before he got here. REALLY? We asked about it prior to coming. THEN they let us know how dangerous it could be to go forward if he didn't have it done. THEN a resident came in later to tell us we were going forward with out it. I then said, "did the cardiologist okay this?" To which they replied something about the cardiologists no longer being involved. I then asked if they were n
no longer involved because they had okayed the surgery. Apparently not, but the anesthesiologist had. Ummmmm, ehhhhhh, ohhhhhhhh. The cardiologist is the one who felt there was a danger. So, I said something to the effect that they can't scare the shit out of people and then poof the danger away. Long story short he got the stress test, and it was fine. Now he's in surgery. We wait. And wait.

more later.


  1. Perhaps they should have offered YOU a stress test, after putting you through all that. :|

    Love ya James. My thoughts are with you guys.


  2. Glad to hear everything was fine in the end, though I wish they had spared you the extra stress.

    DMWilk, the new puppy Ada Shoelace (get it?!), Ms. Flop, and I were all thinking of you yesterday... and continue to today.

    I hope you walk away from this one with better thoughts logged in your smell memory. And with an intact head and heart.

    Thanks for keeping us updated.

    Ever hopeful,

  3. Sending you both positive thoughts...