Monday, December 06, 2010

everything is stable

Ken came down from recovery. He was alert-ish, though groggy. He ate and drank a bit. He was talking and doing all the things they wanted him to do. He also got some heavy duty meds for pain.

More tomorrow. Sorry so little today. Tried to send a couple of blogs that didn't go through.


  1. Thanks Jamie, we love you.

    Tess and Doug

  2. Great news, Jamie! Thank you for the update. Hugs to you and Ken.

  3. Alert-ish and groggy is a perfect description of me every morning, except maybe I'm not so alert-ish. I'm so glad to hear (read) that Ken was last night! Thanks for all of your efforts to keep us up on what's going on while the craziness swirls around you. I hope today is much more calm and stable! :)
    much love, Amy & Ed

  4. So glad to hear that he is alert-ish and seems to be responding well. Please know that I am thinking of you guys and hoping for a smooth recovery. *hugs*

  5. Glad to hear that the surgery is over and went well. May that trend continue. And may you get out of there and back in Maine as quickly as possible!
    Nancy B.

  6. Hi K and J,

    Great to hear things are going as planned. Hoping you are out of there soon. How long before you get the hall pass...?

    Sending more good thoughts...

  7. Awesome news Ken and Jamie!
    Thinking of you and Ken all day today. I hope you are both doing okay. It's a long haul, but both of you are so lovely for each other that all this crap can only bring you closer together. There is light at the end of the tunnel...just keep walking together.

  8. I quote the good Captain Malcolm Reynolds, "Why can't it ever go SMOOTH?" The frantic post on Facebook almost scared the shit out of me. Mostly because I could relate. I'm glad you're out of this section of the woods. Love to all.