Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Growing Pains

Yes, we had a wonderful Christmas. Wyatt got everything on his official list (a remotecontrol Polar Express. Plus quite a bit from his unofficial list (Wii). i certainly got everything I wanted - to be home. And Wii Bowling is good balance practice.

We've had our moments of frustration and panic, but i think we're starting to hit our stride. Thanks to Jamie's mom and boyfriend, the mrs. and I had a bonafide date night- went to see How Do You Know and then shared a good salad and eggplant parm at Ricetta's. We both enjoyed the movie more than Roger Ebert said we would. we needed light , and it was quite airy. So that bookended the day well, since I'd started out with my first fall. I just made a misstep backing away from the bathroom sink and proceeded to sit down hard, in slow motion. Fortunately, I didn't hit my head, but I did manage to land on the side of the toilet. I don't plan on doing it again,and Jamie's sticking to me like glue (even more than usual). I'm still a little sore on the left side of my chest - maybe a good reminder not to try anything fancy.

Our other little panic came Christmas morning when I awoke to discover some "new" swelling below one of my incisions. We quickly left a message at my surgeon's office and he quickly called us back (did I mention it was Christmas morning? -hes a good guy - with some reassuring information - it's apparently not unusual for swelling to continue for a few weeks after surgery. And Monday made three weeks since my cranioplasty. Since then, the inflammation has gone down by evening but returned while I sleep.

On the whole it has been wonderful being home, but I quickly realized how much I had not missed the whining, screaming, and pleading.yes, from my beautiful children but also from me. I didn't miss hearing that particular tone in my voice either. At-home physical and occupational therapy also started yesterday and should continue every day for the next couple of weeks. It's good to be working toward practical, tangible goals, like for me to move around the first floor of the house and be able to help Jamie and the kids more and then for me to take my show up the stairs.
The struggles have been along the lines of what we expected- I feel a little trapped and don't want to burden Jamie with one more voice asking her to do something. But that's the reality. There's still a lot that i just can't safely do by and for myself. It's not a pleasant reality but it's what we've got for now.


  1. Ouch, KS, both literally and figuratively. It must have been a hard reminder (god - please stop me with the puns) of the now. Still, I'm really, really glad you're home at Casa Shapdrew, whining and all. I have a three day weekend coming up and I'm thinking of all the New Years we rang in with s'mores, 'hairbrushes' and wishes for 2011. Mine are pretty simple this year - health and happiness, for me and people I love, and you are very high on that list. xo. EFS.

  2. It sounds, Ken, quite a lot like the title you chose "growing pains," because although it sounds like you've had some altogether TOO scary moments, it also sounds way better than being a kite stuck in a tree. Patience is always the thing that is hardest for me--the lesson I've been trying to learn my whole life . . . I wish you luck with it too!

    love, Amy

  3. Great to hear about the short and longer term goals, and just being home. Thanks for continuing to be so open with what is going on.